Here's what some students who attended our courses of Italian and participated in various cultural and leisure activities say of our school

Short interviews in different languages give direct testimony on our structure and services offered to our students.

 Miniatura Senior courses

This video shows some participants in the Italian course for the older’ 50+ students. (in English)

 Miniatura Teaching method

Here's an interview with a French-speaking student who talks about the teaching method at our school.

 Miniatura Torre di Babele – not only learning Italian

Interview in Spanish to Esteban, a South American student, who speaks of the similarities between the Italian and Latin American culture.

 Miniatura The administration

A short interview to learn about our secretaries, always attentive and available to the demands of the students. (in Italian, German and English).

 Miniatura My second experience in Rome

A Japanese student tells why she decided to return to study Italian at our school.


A Finnish student

Even in Finland they decide to learn Italian. If you understand Finnish listen why.

 Miniatura Italian in Rome

Here's what some of our students from all over the world. think of Rome (various languages).


The best Italian school
That's why this 'older' student decided to study Italian at our school. (in English).

 Miniatura That's why we came to Rome

Here the opinion of some teens of different nationalities on life in Rome and on their experience of studying Italian.

 Miniatura People won't leave

Other reasons to come and study Italian in Rome and not wanting to leave any more (in German).

 Miniatura школа итальянского языка, курсы итальянского языка
Замечательные преподаватели, дружеская атмосфера, общение с иностранными студентами, Рим, завораживающий своей красотой и великолепием...что может быть лучше для изучения итальянского …
 Miniatura What about the teachers?

Some teachers of the Torre di Babelw express their opinion on the ideal Italian language class.

 Miniatura Remembering the school
Finished the language course memories remain. (in German)
 Miniatura A help in the garden

One of our students took care of the school garden and in return attended a free Italian course..

 Miniatura A 'full immersion' in classes of Italian

A student from Florida tells why it is best to learn Italian in Rome.


Ice cream!
What do you like about Italy? Listen to the feedback of our students..


From the Amazon to Rome
Maitè from Manaus, in the distant Amazon, talks, in Brazilian, about her experience in Rome.


My second time with the Torre di Babele

Fernando, Spanish, talks about his second time in Rome to study Italian. 

 Miniatura Torre di Babele's school management

The directors of the school talk about the Torre di Babele and how the school has become a reference point for of Italian language students in Rome.

 Miniatura Ciao Bella!

This phrase is often used in Rome when you are greeted. Here's what some American students think about that.


Internship in Roma
The study and internship experiences by a group of students from Berlin (in German).

 Miniatura Catalan, Spanish or Italian?
Three different languages but with many similarities
 Miniatura Azusa's opinion

Here's what a Japanese schoolgirl thinks about her experience in Rome.


A talented German photographer
Lisa Unterweger, winner of our photo contest, talks about her experience in Rome, taking pictures and studying the Italian language (in German).

 Miniatura Where to live in Rome?

The school’s accommodation service commented by some students in English and German.