The DITALS Certification is a cultural title awarded by the Universitā per Stranieri di Siena that assesses the theoretical and practical qualifications in the field of Teaching Italian to Foreigners and ensures a degree of approval even outside of a specific educational path: every candidate can, in fact, prepare themselves in the manner it deems most appropriate to the chosen Certification level. Its legal validity, in Italy and abroad, depends on the laws of the single states and institutions. In many cases it is already considered a valid title for the allocation of a score in the recruitment of teachers or for the allocation of credits within an educational curriculum of language teaching methodology.

Level I Certification

The DITALS Level I Certification certifies a core competence in the field of language teaching methodology and a specific expertise targeted at a particular learner profile: children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, immigrants, students, learners of Italian origin, learners whose mother tongue is homogeneous (Chinese, Arabic, ...)


  • Good knowledge of Italian (equivalent to a C1 Level of the Common European Framework for candidates of language other than Italian);
  • High School Diploma (ensuring access to University);
  • A declaration certifying the activity of at least 60 hours of teaching (in any subject and at any school or organization), or an internship in classes of Italian for foreigners, both in Italy or abroad.
  • The attendance of a monitored course by the DITALS Center can eventually substitute, for a maximum of 50%, the internship/teaching experience required to enter the examination.

Level II Certification

The DITALS Level II Certification certifies an advanced competence in Teaching Italian to Foreigners and is aimed at teachers working in any teaching context and with any group of learners. Some of the prerequisites required for admission to Level II examination may be replaced by the possession of Level I Certification.


  • Excellent knowledge of Italian, equivalent to a C2 Level of the Common European Framework for candidates of language other than Italian;
  • Specific Bachelor’s Degree
  • DITALS Level II Preparatory Course (attended at bodies such as Torre di Babele that signed an agreement of monitoring with the DITALS Center) or passing a specific University examination (relevant to the teaching of Italian L2, minimum 6 credits);
    alternatively, the possession of DITALS Level I Certification or equivalent title can be accepted.
  • A declaration certifying the teaching in Italian classes for foreigners, both in Italy or abroad, for a minimum of 150 hours, or the possession of DITALS Level I Certification or equivalent title together with 60 hours of teaching or internship in Italian classes for foreigners.  The opportunity to meet this requirement is also given by the attendance with a positive final evaluation of the Magister Training Course at our school.

For further ,information on DITALS Certification training courses and internship aimed at the acquisition of the prerequisites needed to enter the examinations, you can write to