Italian and Music (vocal and instrumental)

Vocal and instrumental classes


Vocal (canto lirico and modern voice - beginning, intermediate, advanced and skills perfection) and instrumental (classes offered for a wide range of musical instruments).

In collaboration with the International Music Institute 




Short course

2 Weeks – 30 Italian language lessons and 6 voice or instrument lessons


Medium-length course

 4 Weeks  – 60 Italian language lessons and 12 voice or instrument lessons


Long-term course

12 Weeks – 60 lessons in Italian language and 36 voice or instrument lessons


Enrollment fee: €80
Course books not included

Successful participation in these courses requires previous knowledge of the Italian language, sufficient to follow the lessons and directions given by the instructors.  Prior completion of an intensive level Italian course is thus essential.

Note: It is not possible to enroll on line. Please contact us

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