Italian and architecture experience in Rome: 3-Dimensional Graphic Recording   Italian and architecture experience in Rome: 3-Dimensional Graphic Recording

This program is offered in cooperation with the DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE, UNIVERSITY OF ROME ‘TRE’.

Course dates: July 17.  to 28. 2017

Location: Torre di Babele Language School and the Department of Architecture, University of Rome ‘Tre’

Minimum course participants: 10

Registration deadline: June 24. for the course starting on July 17.


General program


This new special program consists in two courses; Italian language and 3-Dimensional Graphic Recording. The Italian language course provides an intensive program of lessons, offered at all learning levels, and takes place during the mornings. The 3D graphic recording course takes place in the afternoons of the second program week.

Lessons on the study of the Italian language are geared to the specific level of each participant, from beginner to highly advanced. Afternoon sessions in the program’s second week provide basic knowledge in the use of new digital technologies for architectural and archeological recording. This part of the program is conducted in Italian with assistance in English. Participants improve their professional and technical skills, while gaining insight into the philosophies, methodologies and realities of studies and work in architecture, archeology and conservation-restoration in Italy.


Techniques and instruments for 3D documentation and imaging in archeology and architecture


The course objective is to provide basic knowledge in the use of new digital technologies for archeological and architectural documentation. The program is suited for students and graduates in architecture, archeology and engineering, with specialties in cultural heritage..

Course topics include integrated documentation, 3D documentation (Image-based modelling), photogrammetry, and preparation of photo-quality digital modelling. Theoretical and methodological lessons are presented through case studies of existing projects implemented by the course instructors. Practical sessions are conducted at the Rome Imperial Forums Archeological Area. Working in groups of three to four, the stu­dents are jointly responsible for completion of all aspects of archeological-architectural documentation for a site location: digital documentation, imaging and 3D modelling.

All course participants must provide their own personal computer (Windows 7/8 or Mac with Parallels Desktop). The University of Rome ‘Tre’ provides the necessary soft­ware. Students will also have access to the Department of Architecture Informatics Lab.

The total course duration is 20 hours, including lecture and practical sessions over the course of five days, Monday to Friday.



Day 1   Theory:

Integrated documentation and photogrammetry (4h)

Day 2   Data acquisition:

Photogrammetric and traditional graphic documentation (4h )

Day 3   Practical: :

Data processing, restitution and interpretation (4h)

Day 4   Theory and practical:

Three-dimensional modeling (4h)

Day 5   Output:

PowerPoint and poster presentations (4h)




Course instructors:

Michele Zampilli

Associate Professor (Architectural Conservation-Restoration)

Marco Canciani

Associate Professor (Architectural Drafting and Design)

Mauro Saccone

Teaching fellow (Teaching fellow, Architectural Drafting and Design)





The fees include: course in Italian language and culture (40 lessons), registration fees, text book and participation in the school-organized cultural program; course in architectural and archeological recording (five days, four hours of classroom and practical sessions per day); certificate of attendance.


Accommodation service


Torre di Babele School offers assistance for reservation of single or double-occupancy rooms in central areas of Rome, near the course locations. The following possibilities are available:


  • Rooms shared with italian families or other students - shared bath and kitchen 
    2 weeks single room: 300 € / 2 weeks double room: 205 € per person
  • Rooms in Bed and Breakfast - private bath, breakfast included
    Single room:  50 € - 60 € per night / double room: 40 € - 45 € per person per night
  • Rooms in 3-star hotel - private bath, breakfst included
    Single room:  75 € - 108 € per night / double room: 45 € - 63 € per person per night
  • Rooms in 4-star hotel - private bath, breakfst included
    Single room:  75 € - 108 € per night / double room: 45 € - 63 € per person per night 


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