Super-Intensive Italian Language Course 'B'   Super-Intensive Italian Language Course 'B'

This Italian language course includes 4 group lessons plus 2 individual lessons each day. The individual lessons offer the chance to personalize the teaching material and the program in order to fulfill the student’s needs, as well as professional and personal interests.


Students acquire a basic knowledge of Italian or develop and perfect their linguistic skills.

The Super-Intensive 'B' Course includes 20 group lessons in Italian and 10 individual lessons per week and is accompanied by a rich cultural program. Courses start every two weeks; non-beginners can start every Monday.


All italian language lessons in both group and individual sessions are led by highly-qualified instructors with extensive experience. The Torre di Babele School is a recognised training and professional development center for Italian teachers, and works in cooperation with universities in Italy and abroad.

The cultural program accompanying the course further compliments what is learned in classes. It includes informal seminars for learning Italian in the areas of culture, literature, art history, music, cinema, design and Italian cooking, complemented by visits to cultural sites in Rome and the surrounding regions.


Our school also provides a useful language exchange service featuring language practice outside the class environment, without additional charge.




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