Intensive Standard Italian Language Courses

Italian language courses in Rome: learn Italian with our intensive standard courses

Italian intensive standard courses include 4 group lessons a day.

Based on their level, participants can acquire a basic knowledge of the Italian language or improve and perfect the knowledge they already have.

All classes are attended by students from all over the world. Courses are taught at all levels in small groups, on average 7 or 8 students with a maximum of 12. This limited class size offers individual attention as well as a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which to learn the language. Courses start every two weeks; non-beginners can start every Monday.

At the Torre di Babele School all italian language courses are offered in a welcoming 'art-nouveau' building in the heart of Rome, near the main University campus. Before beginning an italian language course, participants must complete an entrance test to ensure placement at the apropriate level. All italian language courses are taught by highly-qualified teachers with university-level degrees and DITALS certification from the Siena University for Foreigners. The Torre di Babele School is a recognised training and professional development center for Italian teachers, and works in cooperation with universities in Italy and abroad.

Intensive standard courses can be booked for the following duration:

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