Individual Italian Language Courses

Individual courses in Italian are structured according to the studentís objectives, the most effective approach for realizing them, and the time frame for the course. Our highly flexible programs use sophisticated teaching methods and materials to create a stimulating learning environment. Years of experience in the field have enabled the school to offer individual courses which cater perfectly to personal and professional needs at all Italian language levels. Made-to-measure programs are constructed around the studentsí specific requirements and are based on their individual learning style and pace. The method and materials used are adjusted to personal communication needs and are drawn from the schoolís extensive resources.


The teaching method is based on communication. Students actively exercise the four fundamental functions of the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. However particular attention is given to conversation, in order to develop studentsí abilities to express themselves and communicate in Italian from the very beginning of the course.


Our instructors are university graduates with extensive teaching experience both in Italy and abroad. Before joining our staff, teachers also attend our own specialization course and undergo a training period. The school is a training center for Italian language teachers, accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Siena University for Foreigners.

Teaching materials

Textbooks and all teaching materials for our Italian language courses are produced and developed by our research team and are regularly supplemented and updated.

Duration of the course

According to studentís request


According to studentís request

Course price

1 individual lesson          39 euros 

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