Breakfast and Half Board Service

If you book either breakfast or half board service, you will receive a continental breakfast of coffee or tea, biscuits, yogurt, bread, butter and jam. With half board, dinner is also provided, which typically includes pasta, rice or soup; a second course of meat, eggs or fish and a vegetable side dish.

In considering these options we also encourage our participants in Italian language courses to keep in mind that Rome offers many options for economical eating out. Every neighborhood has its own tavola calda buffet restaurants and pizza “by the slice” restaurants with many types of offerings, not limited simply to pizzas; coffee bars with sandwiches and at times salads, quiches, vegetable dishes and pastas; and many slightly more formal “sit-down” pizzerias, trattoria and osteria restaurants. At the beginning of your Italian language course you will be provided with all the information necessary to find your way around the city, including tips on public transit and how to find some of the best and most economical options for meals.

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