Which extracurricular activities are offered?

The school's cultural program makes it possible for you to enjoy the city and its events while learning Italian (esempi PDF)

When will I receive the cultural program?

Every  student will receive the cultural program in class on the first day of school


When and where can I sign up for the activities?


From the first day on, after class, it will be possible to sign up for the activities. The lists you will find at the front desk


Are the extracurricular activities on payment?

Most of the activities are free of charge. Extra payment is required for trips outside Rome, dinners in Pizzerias and seminars. Prices vary from 10 to 25 Euros.


What  happens if I’m to only one who signed up?


Every activity has a fixed minimum and maximum number of participants. If we do not reach the minimum the activity will be cancelled.


Must I take part at the activities?

Participation is optional.


Are there any activities during the weekends?


The school organizes at least one activity during those weekends within a course. Generally we will make a half day trip outside Rome.